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GCS Monster update and monster sound effect contest

2020-08-13 17:13:04 by Grimly Darkfold

Attention GCS system owners and players alike. There will be a large scale update to all GCS monsters. This update will fix a few bugs that have been around for a while. During this update I would to update some of the monster sounds. Updating sounds can be very challenging since I don't want all the monsters to sound the same.

I wanted to involve the community in this project by asking System owners and players to create sound files of their own. I will of course exclude Prisoners and Bandits from this audio update because their files are fairly recent and I'm very happy with them.

File types should be WAV format. Sound quality is very important. Files with heavy background noise will be tossed out. Files with vulgar language and swears will be tossed out. You don't need to upload anything to SL.

To submit a file: create a free account on Dropbox and upload your wave file. Once the file is uploaded click Share, then Create Link, then select Copy Link. Now you paste the link to a note card in SL and send that note card to Grimly Darkfold. Please remember to include your avatar's full name in the note card. We will use these notes to give you credit if your sound file is used. We will also be giving out some Gift cards as prizes to the best sounds.

What should sounds be like? Well that depends on the monster. But every monster has 5 basic sounds. Target sound, Attack sound, Hit sound, Idle sound, Death sound. Note, some monsters have multiple death and idle sounds for variety. The monsters can randomly select from a short list of idle sounds to play every few seconds while they wander around looking for their next meal.

Example Entry: Becky wants to send in a wave file of Female Zombie sounds. She plugs in her mic and uses Audacity to record herself. She utters about 4 or 5 sounds for each category. Her target sounds is a gurgled utterance of the word BRAINS! She also tried moaning, FRESH MEATS. For the attack sound she does an angry roar like she's clawing at the living for a hunk of flesh. For the hit sound she howls in pain as if she was sliced by a machete then tries a few grunts like she was hit by a bullet. Her idle sounds are an assortment of moans, groans and broken words. For her finally she howls a dramatic death sound in a few different ways. She saves exports the file as a single wave and uploads it to Dropbox then sends the link to Grimly.

Some may prefer doing sounds for one of the other monsters like the goblins, or orcs. You're welcome to submit different files for different monster types. Just know that not all will be used. We reserve the right to use what we like. If a sound doesn't seem to fit it won't be used.

If you have questions you can send a note card with all questions to Grimly Darkfold.

Failed deliveries for GCS XM29-OICW

2020-06-05 07:23:45 by Grimly Darkfold

I found an issue with the setup of our Caspervend system. It seemed like the GCS XM29-OICW weapon was not delivering to customers. But all customers were issued refunds from failed purches.

The issue has been fixed.

New level opening Friday

2020-05-25 09:03:52 by Grimly Darkfold

New prison level opening at Grimly's Bloodbath and Beyond. You'll have to find out how to get there but there's a clue. If you look, you'll find it.

New Full Permissions mesh items on sale

2020-05-06 07:52:39 by Grimly Darkfold

Here are some new FULL PERM items I made recently. All on sale now on Second Life marketplace or my full perm vendor at my main store.

New Novelty Item.

2020-04-25 20:16:47 by Grimly Darkfold

Disinfectant Syringes

Non-rigged mesh may be attached anywhere.

1 prim land impact unless resized.

Enjoy this silly novelty item, You can attach them anywhere or just add it to avatar for the default positions of left upper arm, right upper arm and head.

*WARNING: Please DO NOT drink or inject any disinfectants in real life. Disinfectant may be fatal if swallowed.