2nd Halloween Party Sunday Oct 30 5pm SL time

2016-10-21 18:27:04 by Grimly Darkfold

Have you seen our new Zombie Photo Booth?

2016-09-27 19:01:57 by Grimly Darkfold

Check out the new GCS weapon set.

2016-09-27 18:57:22 by Grimly Darkfold

GCS traps Update

2016-08-03 11:57:55 by Grimly Darkfold

There is a new addition to the GCS Traps pack. A rotating log trap. You may edit the damage and speed in the description of the object. To get a copy of the new trap just click any GCS vendor and select redelivery. Then redeliver the traps pack if you bought it. If you have not bought it you may clicj the photo to buy the traps pack now.

Help your guests to manage their script count.

2016-07-22 12:50:03 by Grimly Darkfold

A cool looking script scanner. Scan is activated when avatar stands on the platform. Scifi lights and sounds play during scan. The scanner sends a web link to the resident with a brief yet detailed report of their scripted attachments, including scriipt count and script time.