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Bloodbath board game update

2019-12-05 18:33:28 by Grimly Darkfold

There is an update the the Bloodbath Board Game. If you previously purchased the game you may request a re-delivery by clicking on any Caspervend vendor. Several bugs have been fixed.

Weapon Update

2019-12-05 17:43:14 by Grimly Darkfold

I updated the GCS Nail Board weapon to newer Melee script. It now has Kick power ability and Crushing Blow special attack.

COPPA is coming

2019-11-26 18:06:57 by Grimly Darkfold
Attention to all GCS players who use Youtube. Please educate yourselves about COPPA. It's coming and on January first many Youtube creators may be heavily fined for their video content. As a precaution I have deleted my channel on that platform. It's too bad because I had some video tutorials on the site. Please don't let the government fine you for uploading videos. This is not a hoax. Look it up. Research it. Grimly

Black Friday Sale 40% Off

2019-11-23 14:38:10 by Grimly Darkfold

Only at Grimly's Bloodbath & Beyond main store. Only on specially marked holiday vendor


2019-11-14 02:34:10 by Joeey Aura

GCS is currently experiencing major technical problems with the data hosting service. This will affect all gcs regions grid wide until the problem is fixed. Player data such as all your scores and level will be unable to load or save at this time, as well as website logins. I am assured that the hosting company is working on the problem and i will keep in contact with them for updates. For the most part you can still play however scores and quest progress wont save, and Since levels don't load your weapons may either default back to level 1 or remain at level they were on the last time they were used. It is unclear how long this outage could last at this time. We will keep you updated with the group notices, on the discord and here.

Thank you for your patience.